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Decided to do something abstract today.
Took in a Clinton Lumberkings game for Memorial Day.
We had heavy rain today which caused some flash flooding.  The debris in the yard and strung across the road is corn stalks.  The water carried them from a field about a quarter mile up the hill.
Saturday has become my day for long runs.  I'm trying to increase my distance in order to run the Bix7 in late July.  Today I ran eight miles and for the second Saturday in a row I ran past a scene and then returned to it after my run to take the photo.  
More Little League tonight.
Started Little League Photos today.
The front porch provides nice even light no matter the weather.  The sky was dark and grey when we took this.  I'm sure there will be many more "porch portraits" before I get to 365.
Today's picture is an example of why I'm doing this project.  I pretty much had to force myself to pick up the camera and go look for something to photograph.  If I hadn't gone through the exercise I would have missed this photo.  
I have experimented with "runography" before without much luck.  Runography is photography while running and the results are not alway in focus, well composed or ... level.    
Remembering Katie
We ate at Al and Leda's Pizza Villa tonight and I intended to bring the point and shoot but forgot it.  This left me to take my photo in or around the house.  Photos of your own feet are about as lame as it gets but something about the composition struck me.
"Peeling Paint" - Playing around with macro mode on my point and shoot.
Eatin' Smores between the doors.
My boss rushed into my office and said, "I need you to take a picture of this truck that crashed into our gate".  So I did.
Started drum lessons but we haven't bought a drum set yet.  His teacher loaned him this electronic board for a couple weeks.  Dude where are your sticks?
Sunday afternoon baseball at Grandma's house.
The view from my seat at Wrigley Field for Giants / Cubs game.  
Uninspired today.
This photo is entitled "Inside Joke"
The drain on our washing machine got clogged up and we were without a washer for a few days.  The laundry really piled up.
Before and After
Toning was done using and Action by AlexEdg
At work in his office.  Wii-mote, Dish remote, TV remote.
I ran a 5K race today which was part of "Dutch Days" in Fulton, IL.  Photoshop action by Numizmat
The girls got the giggles.  Ironically the photoshop action I used was called sadness.
Went with some backyard macro today.  Post processing with "Colorful Glow" by Manicho
First day with contacts.  
Ten o'clock at night, he should be sleeping.  Post processing with an action by Manicho

My daughter has started the Couch to 5K running program.  I completed the program last fall and now I am running with her.  Taking photos while running is something I'm interested in but difficult to do.  I chose this one because you can see the joy of running in her face.  Post processing with HolgaRoid Generator BW.

My mom is a hair dresser/beautician which apparently also qualifies her to clean wigs.  It's not uncommon to find a wig on this freaky head in her bathroom.  Post processing with POLA Generator VI

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