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I've missed a few weeks but I'm back.  It was cloudy and snowing on Saturday (Feb 8) but I decided to go to the Lock and Dam anyway because I haven't been down there in three weeks.  I was glad I did because I got the above shot which I like a lot.  The snow makes it different.

Now there are a bunch of Canada Geese in the cove where the eagles fish.  The geese nibble at the fish until an eagle comes by and snatches it away.

This one (below) is my wife's favorite because you can see the blood on his beak but I'm not a fan of the pure white background.  I wish this was against blue sky.

I went back again on Sunday when the sun was shining but early in the afternoon there were still enough clouds in the sky to reflect grey off the water surface.  I've taken enough eagle shots now that I'm getting really picky.  I like the shot below but again I wish the water was blue instead of grey.

Later in the day the clouds moved and the water was blue again.  Much better.

Here is one with the dam in the background.

And here is a blue sky.

And here are a few more cool pictures in ugly grey light

There was a lot more action at the lock and dam this weekend.  A lot of it happened a little too far out of range of my 400mm but I was able to get a few that I like.

I like it when they look down at their catch.  They don't always do it but I think it makes a cool shot when they do.

I heard some one describe this as "landing gear down"

I cropped this square and it felt like instagram.  I almost slapped a filter on it.

I like this one because it's unusual to see them carry the fish in their mouth.

I thought the sub zero temps early in the week would make this the best weekend of the year for eagle photography but it wasn't.  I got this shot which I like a lot but that's about it.  The highlight of the weekend was meeting Torsten Pawlowski who had flown up from Dallas, TX to photograph eagles.  We found that we shared similar opinions about cameras, used lenses, mega-pixels and various other topics.  You can see some of his work at Eagles-R-Us.  I also started a profile on Behance this week.  I uploaded some of my favorite eagle photos there.

My first of hopefully 52 weekly posts.  We went to a wedding on Saturday which was held at Modern Woodman Park, the home of minor league baseball team the Quad City RiverBandits.  We had to walk around the stadium concourse to get to the wedding.  (Oggl, Wonder lens, Blanko film)

I also took photos of each kid sleeping.  It's amazing how much more cooperative they are when they're sleeping.  Logan (Yoona lens, DC film)  Madison (James M lens, AO BW film)

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