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I probably won't be posting for the next few days since I will be in Mexico.  Hopefully I'll have some sunny, turquoise ocean photos to contrast with this damp, gray, autumn shot from rural Illinois.  Come back Wednesday October 5 !

Hit the read more for another shot.

Look, Listen and Live.  An operation lifesaver engine still wearing Chicago Northwestern paint.

I feel like I have been in a rut lately which has led to a lot of mediocre pictures.  I'm just trying to ride it out until Thursday when I'll be going to Mexico which I hope will pull me out of this slump.

Little kids are cute but it's nice to have big kids that can do work.
I went to the Shell station to pick up some milk and the Chicagoland MG Club rolled in.  They were heading back to Chicago after spending time in the Quad Cities area yesterday.
I timidly try a little graphic design in my photo today.  I say timidly because my youngest brother is a real designer and anything I try looks pretty cheap in comparison.  You can check some of his latest work for Augustana College here.

Today was Paint the Town.  You can buy a square in the street and paint it any way you like.  I think it's pretty cool that our small, conservative, middle America town has a community sponsored graffiti day.

Logan painted Mario.
Way back in 2001 I discovered the work of Rick Chapman.  He takes photos of circles.  Individually they aren't that spectacular but in a group I find them mesmerizing.  I think "Portraits of the American Fridge" could have the same effect.  

I took exactly one picture today.  This is it.
This was the best shot I took today but there is a bonus pic if you "Read More"
Logan brought home a paper from school about the Whiteside County Education and Conservation Foundation 2nd Annual Student Photo Contest.  He wants to enter so we went out to the park to find some wildlife.  Just inside the gate we saw a deer.  It was the same place I took the photo on Day 131, possibly the same deer.  So this is my photo for the day.  See a couple of Logan's photos by hitting Read More below.  (They're better than mine)
Fishing Derby
I took the day off of work for no particular reason.  Nicole and I rode the motorcycle up to Savanna for lunch at Poopie's.  Here is a shot from after lunch when we checked out Frank Fritz Finds.  

The same day I read about camera tossing I also saw an article about "Amazing Circles".  I personally don't think they are all that amazing but if you combine a camera toss with an amazing circle you get something that is OK.

"Let's do blindfolded makeovers!"
My cousin got married today in Williams, Iowa.  At the reception the photographer set up a background and had some props to add a little flavor to photos of the guests.  If you ever find yourself in Williams, I would highly recommend having an ice cream at Ye Old Drug Store, but leave your fireworks at home.
This sign is about a block from my house.  It has been there for as long as I can remember announcing birthday's, community events and even begging for changes in the weather.  I am currently trying to get into shape to run the Harvest Hammer 5K in 25 minutes or less.  I'm still not sure if 25 is attainable or if 25:30 would be a more realistic.  I was debating this in my mind as I returned home from my run today and the sign seemed to be warning me that the race is rapidly approaching.  Or is it?  Exactly how long is 1? days?
I was sitting around watching TV and realized I hadn't taken a photo yet today.  With short time I decided to do something quick and easy.   Back on Day 105 I posted a picture as part of Chase Jarvis' Weekend Photo Project.  He chose mine as one of the winners and yesterday I opened the mail to find a copy of his book, "The Best Camera"as my prize.  My favorite quote from the book is, "Every photographer takes crappy pictures, every painter paints crappy paintings, and every actor blows their lines.  What really matters is that you're out there, sending stuff into the world."
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