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This is one of my favorite photos I took all year but it wasn't used as part of my 365.  I took it on Day 57, the same day I took a macro bug shot that I like a lot.  I had posted several of these open shade on a white background portraits already so I decided to use the bug shot over this one.  
Well here it is, the last one.  Come back in a couple days, I plan to re-post some of my favorites from the year.

This was taken with my sister's Canon EOS Rebel.  I intended to test it out by shooting some action shots of her kids running around in the yard but it was dark and rainy so I shot from inside the house.  This is Day 365 so the project could be over but because of the leap year there is one more coming.

 A couple years ago we were in Chicago for our anniversary and stopped into this restaurant.  It's nothing fancy but inside it reminds you of a scene from "The Godfather".  Today we decided to go back ... and it was closed.

Woke up with severe back pain this morning.

Week 2 of 6 on trips to Angola, IN / Coldwater, MI.  Michigan has a nice simple logo.  I like it.

One of those days.

Many times I have tried to make a cool photo with this light in our kitchen.  It never seemed to work out so here is just a straight shot of it.

It is very difficult to take a quality photo everyday.  Many days I just post what I have. (like yesterday) I have decided that when this is over I am going to spend a year focusing on quality and have set a goal of creating a portfolio of at least ten "great" bird photos.  For those of you asking me to keep going with a photo everyday (Mom) I will instead start a new blog about my quest to build this portfolio... but it won't be everyday.

An early morning shot of the lake before heading in for eight hours of Six Sigma training.  This is actually in Michigan.  Angola, IN is very close to both the Michigan and Ohio borders.

I had to travel to our corporate office in Angola, IN for training this week.  When I first arrived they set me up so I could check emails, etc and the only place available was the conference room on the big screen.  I took this and sent it back to a couple people so they could see how well I'm treated in Indiana and maybe I need a better office back home. :) The response I got was, "They take care of you because they don't want to lose you.  Where else would they find a monkey to work as cheap as you do?"

Some more rust. Beauty in decay?

I bought a hunting blind to get closer to the birds.  This was shot at 200mm.  Wish I had a 600.

I took this at work, one of these drives is going bad.  I meant to take something better but never got around to it.  Speaking of work, Nicole found out she is going to get all day shift hours starting in June.

I bought an app called iBird Backyard.  One of it's features is it will play the calls of various birds.  To my surprise it works.  This cardinal couldn't resist it.

Rust is a popular subject on Instagram, which was bought by Facebook for $1 Billion.

Waiting for a train.  I'm in the front seat, he's in the back.  I shot this over my shoulder without looking.

Easter Paparazzi 

A couple white pelicans take off and a coot walks on water to get out of their way.

This is Payne's Grocery store in Fenton, IL.  It's also the Post Office and used to sell gasoline.  Back in the 80's I bought a whole bunch of baseball cards and lawn mower gas out of this store.
Today, I drove 3 1/2 hours to Hartford, Michigan, sat in a half hour meeting, then drove 3 1/2 hours home. At least I got to see this cool barn.

We planted this tree in 1997 thinking it would be a pretty springtime tree.  It finally bloomed after 14 years.

Just a snap of the kids goofing off.

I am trying out an app called iMapMyRun. (to map my walks) If you take a photo through the app it shows up on the map of your route where the photo was taken.  I took this to test that out and it ended up being all I had today.

A shot of the naughty baby.  Only one month left!
Logan's bowling team was Batam League Champions.
Went for a walk around French Creek Park concentrating on extending my right leg.  My knee still doesn't want to go all the way straight.
Apparently I had a taxi sign on top of my car  :)

I'm ready for this to be over.  Is this good enough?


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