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I had to have pre-surgery lab work done in Davenport today so I stopped at Lock & Dam 14 while I was down there and caught another eagle.

Today I decided to go to Lock and Dam 14 in LeClaire to look for eagles.  There were a couple but the best photo I took was this red tail hawk.  Check the eagles in the Read More.
Lots of bald eagles around Lock and Dam 13 now.

This is the mess of a network that resides in a storage closet where I work.  Since our corporate office is in Angola, IN that's where the IT guy is.  When there is a problem with our network in Rock Falls it's me that gets to talk to him and try to translate his instructions.  I decided I needed to make myself a cheat sheet and this is it.

Big ol' mouth full of ice cream

Jim and Jan's Wildlife Bar - Lyndon Station, WI
Only one hundred days to go!
Brand new yellow and green.

I "met" a guy named Vassilis Segos on Instagram.  He lives in Greece and is working on a remote posing project.  You send him a self portrait taken per his instructions and he does the post processing and sends back the results.  The best place to views the project is 500px although last I checked I'm not on there yet.  I am included in his Flickr set though.

Making up for the lack of a good photo by doing heavy editing.

Coming in for a rough landing.

I used my closeup lens on my phone again today. It's not very sharp but it is pretty amazing how close it will focus.

Compare this to Day 186

The Christmas decorations are down and my old cameras re-appeared on the shelf :)

I went out in search of bald eagles this morning.  I saw some but they were all too far away to get a good photo.  I had to settle for a seagull.  This is also the first time I have used my DSLR since I got my iPhone on October 14.

Today I found out that I have a torn ligament in my knee AND after getting a new hard drive installed in my computer it still isn't working.  Not a good day.

The chimney and the sky are what originally caught my eye but after seeing the picture I think the fence is acutally the interesting part of the photo.
I picked up an App called Decim8.  It does these random things to your photos.  Sometimes it comes out cool but there aren't any controls.  You just have to keep running it through until you find something you like.
Must have been a rough New Year's Eve for "Big White".  I found him passed out on the couch this morning wearing the same clothes he had on last night.

It just occured to me that my 365 project is actually going to be a 366 because 2012 is a leap year.  I started on May 1, 2011 so Day 365 will be April 29 unless I count Feburary 29 as Day 304 1/2.
I drove to Sterling this morning to get a new sticker for my liscense plate but they were closed for the holiday.  I had to make the trip worth-while so I found something interesting to photograph.
I picked up a new Rubik's cube.  The one I had is starting to shed stickers.
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