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A little door/window combo from Market Street in Morrison, IL.

One of my Christmas gifts was a macro lens for my iPhone.  It was ordered from and the package stated "WARNING This shipment may contain a Stow-away-asauras"  This is a macro shot of a stow-away-asauras.
The barn "up the hill"
This isn't a very Christmasee photo except for the red and green colors but I couldn't pass up the chance to shoot a Mexican engine parked on the tracks near my mom's house.

The first of our family Christmas parties was tonight and included some Jenga!
Running low on creativity today.
I had fallen behind on posting and my Mom had to get after me :)
I re-injured my knee today so I decided to go to the doctor.  What is there to do while you're waiting for him?  It was either take some pictures or play Angry Birds.  Here's one of the sinks at Medical Associates.   
We went to Wheaton again for Scott Smith's All Animal Expo and Madison got a gargoyle gecko.  I held some snakes and loved them but I'm still meeting some resistance on that.
Happy birthday Nicole, thanks for devoting your day to a reptile disfunction.
Our ceiling, upside down.

The thing with doing a photo everyday is that sometimes you just have to post what you've got.  Yesterday was one of those days but today I have several to choose from.  I'm going to go with this barn as my favorite and throw in a few bonus pics after the jump.
Sometimes I have to take photos at work and it amazes me the number of guys that will throw a pose.

Any guesses what or where this is?
The "after" shot from my run.  I guess the front facing camera doesn't have the same resolution as the rear regular camera.
I've been slacking off on running ever since September's Harvest Hammer race.  To make it worse, I hurt my knee playing basketball a couple weeks ago and couldn't run.  Somehow not being able to run made miss it, even though I hadn't been doing much of it back when I wasn't hurt.  Today, my knee was feeling pretty good so I hit the road and it seems to have reenergized me to get back into a regular schedule.  The paint is still on the road from September's race so when I got to the top of the hill I had to stop for souvenir photo.

Shot out the window of the car while I was waiting for a train.  Good thing I named this blog 365Photos and not 365GoodPhotos
Here is what the scene from Day 66 looks like now.  See them side by side in the "Read More"
Using a smart phone to do dumb things.
When you're using a cell phone as a camera it's pretty easy to disguise the fact that you are taking a picture.  I decided to try my hand at some "street photography" today.
I took quite a few pictures at Thanksgiving dinner.  I decided to use this one because the back of the newspaper has an article about the Morrison High School football team who will be playing for a state championship tomorrow.
I'll post some more in the "Read More"

Picture of Logan having his picture taken with the picture he took for the picture contest.
Shut off the lights, I'm trying to sleep.
File this one under never would have happened without an iPhone.  The ceiling fan above our bed had a couple light bulbs burnt out.  We were trying to figure out what size we needed and this happened.
With the sun going down so early I'm having a hard time getting a picture taken before dark.  I noticed this scene a couple weeks ago while pumping gas.  Decided to go take the picture tonight since it's dark and I don't have any other ideas.
Nicole sent me a text saying Logan had some exciting news to tell me when I got home from work.  I figured there was a good possibility he had won the photo contest he had entered.  See Day 135 for more on that.  I had my cameraphone ready when he met me at the door.  I snapped a few as he was telling me the news.  He got 2nd place in his age group which is a $50 prize.
Day 200!
I came home from work and saw this scene in my yard, whipped my phone out of my pocket and took the picture.  If I didn't have an iPhone in my pocket, would I have went into the house to grab a "real" camera, come back outside and make this image?  No, I wouldn't have.
Working at Great Gramdma's house.
Behind the woodshed.
Spent the day raking and bagging leaves.
I was invited by @kayem on Instagram to participate in an 11-11-11 project.  I took this photo at 11:11 am on 11-11-11.
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