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So much for not talking about running.  Today I ran the Bix 7 mile race.  It's an out and back so as us slow runners are going out you see the elite runners coming back.  I carried my Canon S90 as I ran and got this shot of Silas Kipruto of Kenya.  He was the eventual winner of the race.  I however finished 6,870th  :)
Downtown Davenport, IA
Cubs @ Brewers
Downtown Milwaukee. 
Some days I'm excited to take a photo and other days I'm not.  Today was one of the days I wasn't excited about it.  This one isn't much to look at now but in ten years when the kids are off to college I think I'll like it.  
Detasseling carrier.

In my continued effort to get this blog categorized as a photography blog, this is a photo in my daily photography blog which is part of my 365 photo project.
A lot of rain in a short time flooded French Creek park.  The soccer field and walking path are going to be out of order for a few days.

On another note.  There is a button at the top of this page called "Next Blog".  It is supposed to take you to another blog similar to the one you are reading now.  If you have ever clicked on my page you may have found it does not take you to another photography blog.  It takes you to a blog about a different subject which I do not want to mention because the more I do, the more likely you are to be taken to a blog about that subject.  Let's just say it has to do with an individual sport where you move your body over a predetermined distance in as little time as possible.  For the next few days I am going to try to use words like 'photography' or phrases like 'daily photography blog'.  I might even try 'f-stop' and 'shutter-speed' to try to get the Next Blog feature to take you/me to other photography blogs. 
July 22, 2009 was day eight of my previous attempt at a photo a day.  You can see the picture I took two years ago by hitting the read more link.

Thinking Man

See a more traditional shot if you "Read More"

It's still 94 degrees in the shade at 7:15pm
The drive-in is gone but the sign remains.
Ready to hit the cornfield.
I don't even remember what she was saying but this is my favorite shot.  
Anybody know what kind of bug this is?

I'm not sure what to say about this one other than here it is.
A while back a came across a site called FindAGrave.  People post photos of head stones and sometimes full obituaries.  I have found some of my family members on there and have been thinking about adding others myself.  As far as I know Julia Smith is not a family member.  I just thought this looked neat.
We went to Scott Smith's All Animal Expo in Wheaton today.  We last went in December to pick out a crested gecko for Logan's birthday.

The Whiteside County Barn Tour reveals some old vehicles.
The fire hydrants in town are turning silver.
El pescador.
Another bird.
Last night after I posted the robin photo I started thinking about what makes a photo worth-while or valuable.  Is the robin photo worth taking?  Robins will still look like that in ten years and if you go on google images and search for "robin, bird" you will find many more just as good or better.  Note: if you don't add "bird" after the robin, half of the pictures will be of Batman's little buddy.  The building in today's photo is being torn down.  In ten years (maybe ten days) this building will be gone.  After that no one will be able to take this photo again but robins will still be drinking from puddles in alleys.  Does that make this photo more worth-while than the robin photo?  idk.
Hit the Read More for another photo.
There is a puddle in the alley behind my house that attracts a lot of birds.  As the sun goes down the light  is perfect.  I've seen five or six birds at a time in this puddle and once in awhile there is a cardinal.  I'm hoping to get a shot of the cardinal as long as the neighbors don't call the cops on me for creeping around on my stomach in the backyard and pointing a long lens toward their house.
There is no better way to celebrate our independence than handing fire to a three year old. :)
Another motorcycle ride tonight.
We took a motorcycle ride over to Clinton and stopped on the dyke for awhile.
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