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After viewing yesterday's photo on my monitor I decided Logan looked sad so I took a similar photo again today and forced him to smile a little.  It's not cool for 12 year old boys to smile you know.

My son got a student of the month award at school today and the English teacher wrote a poem about him.  I wasn't at the presentation but I heard there was a line that went something like:
He's in hot pursuit
Because the girls think he's cute

It was a slow drive home from work today.  I don't recommend taking pictures while driving.  I had just  left the stop sign and was going slow, I promise.

I don't feel like I have been trying very hard lately, settling for late night cell phone snaps just so I have a picture.  I have high hopes for March though.  I am going on a vacation next week and when I get back it will be time to change the clocks to daylight savings time.

This is me, watching a Photoshop tutorial by Calvin Hollywood.    

For some reason I like this one.

I was driving through the local state park and noticed this Downy Woodpecker wasn't too concerned with the presence of my car so I parked and got out.  I laid down in the snow to get a low angle.

I like this sparrow shot a lot but the woodpecker wins as the official photo of the day because I used a similar sparrow photo already this year.

When all else fails do a self portrait with Hipstamatic.  
GSquad Lens; Alfred Infrared Film; Jolly Rainbo 2X Flash

Sometimes when time is short I just try to find an interesting composition around the house.  This is what I came up with tonight.

My mother-in-law was cleaning a closet and found a hoodie that belonged to wife when she was in high school.  Now my daughter is wearing it as vintage Morrison Mustang gear.

I've definitely allowed myself to use some "what I did today" type photos in this project.  I can't say this is a stunning photo but it does mark the day. 

We had an unexpected snow storm tonight.

I don't like to work on weekends since I'm on salary but I did today.  This is a sheet of 11ga steel that did not get pickled and oiled properly.

I have been battling some pain in my lower leg since Christmas.  I ended up taking a few weeks off from running but I'm back at it now.  I took this shot during my cool-down walk and my battery went dead immediately after.

What do you do when it's after 10:00 pm and you haven't taken a picture for the day? Hipstamatic Self Portrait.  

On my way to work I pass a place called K's Korners.  It's a General Store/Bar and you never know what might show up in the parking lot.  I'm not sure how long this guy has been there but he's been catching my eye for a few weeks.  Today I decided to stop and have a picture.

You know you're getting old when your kids start driving.

I took a trip down to Lock and Dam 14 hoping the eagles were still around but with none roosting in the trees I decided to focus my attention on the gulls.

There were eagles around, just none close enough for good photos.

One year ago was a very "blue" time for our family.  Around this time my wife had fallen on the ice and bruised her tailbone.  On February 8th, I was scheduled to have knee surgery.  After having my leg shaved and an IV put into my arm, it was discovered that they didn't have the cadaver ligament necessary for the surgery.  I had the surgery the next day. (February 9th)  If that weren't enough, my daughter jumped off the bleachers at the junior high dance and broke her tibia and fibula on February 10th.  

It's 7:30 pm, dark outside and I haven't taken a photo today.  What to do.  I decided to take Hipstamatic shots of a mushroom ornament until I get one I like.

I'm getting to be a pretty good math tutor now that I'm on my second Junior High student.

A blue face from the light of an iPhone or Kindle is a pretty common scene at our house.

I knew I wasn't going to have a lot of time for a photo so I took a quick shot of some tree branches just in case I didn't do anything else.  It turned out I didn't take any other photos so I had to use what I have. I mirrored it a couple times to make it more interesting.

We don't have Waffle House in northern Illinois, the closest one is 210 miles south, so any chance I get I stop for breakfast.  On our way home from St. Louis we stopped at this one in Granite City. 

I took my son to the Monster Jam show in St. Louis, MO.  In the afternoon they have a pit party where you can meet the drivers.  This is Logan with Nicole Johnson, the driver of the Scooby Doo Truck.  He normally doesn't smile too much in photos but she told him to smile big or she would draw a smile on his face (notice the Sharpie in her right hand).

Here is Nicole and the Scooby truck in action.  The image quality isn't the best but it will have to do.  
1/800 sec, f5.6, ISO 3200 with a Canon point and shoot.

The highlight of the night was Adam Anderson in Grave Digger Legend jumping over Maximum Destruction after it had rolled in the middle of the table top.

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