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The End

I'm done with daily photos but I'm going to continue to post here once in awhile.  Hopefully once a week.

Read it again.

Conditions at the lock and dam were so perfect yesterday that I had to go back a second day in a row.  Despite the perfect conditions the action was down.  I didn't get any really good fishing shots but I do like this shot of a juvenile making his turn.  We need a week or two of really cold weather to consolidate the birds again and I think we're going to get it.

Today I went to Lock and Dam 14 to photograph the eagles and it was a really good day.  I think the talons out shot above may be a wall hanger.  

I'm doing something I haven't done before and using a photo that I did not take.  Oh well, it's my project so I make the rules right?

Christmas Eve at my Mom's house.  This is a cell phone shot but I like the way it turned out.  I may have to attempt this with my real camera next year.

I'm not sure what this ring around the sun is called.  Maybe +Terri Mappin will know.  It feels like Canada here today.  My phone is showing -3 as I post this.

We had a few inches of snow overnight.

There are more eagles coming to Lock and Dam 14 but they weren't very active today.  I was there for two hours and only saw one eagle take a fish.  (photo below)  They fly into the wind when they fish and since the wind was in my face it not only meant that I was cold but also that the eagle was flying away from me when he grabbed it.

If you came looking for photography you won't find it here today.  This is just a photo to that I took today so I would know who I picked in the college bowl games.

This photo actually has some meaning to me but I'm not going to tell the story.

Nicole's Mom and Dad took us out to eat at Applebee's for Nicole's birthday.  Afterward we drove through Eagle Point Park to see the Christmas lights. 

Tomorrow is Nicole's birthday.  She's a big fan of receiving flowers at work but she doesn't work tomorrow.  I had to send them a day early.  My original plan was to get a photo of her with the flowers but she ended up having to work late and she came home very tired.  I decided not to ask her to pose with them.

I will definitely not be doing a 365 project in 2014.  The daily grind of it leads to too many shots like this.  I'm thinking I might try a photo per week project because I do like the schedule of it, I just can't handle 365.  This house looks great as you drive by.  If I had arrived a little after sunset when there is still a little light in the sky I could make a really nice image of this house.  But instead, I stopped in total darkness and snapped a cell phone pic out of my car window.

Today I went to Lock and Dam 13 where there are hundreds of eagles but most of the time they are too far away to photograph.  Every once in awhile they will fly over head as this juvenile did.  I didn't stay long though.  It was 12 degrees F and -2 windchill.

I went to Lock and Dam 14 today looking for eagles.  There were some but the photo opportunities weren't that great.  Hopefully the action will pick up in a couple more weeks.

We went and saw "Delivery Man" tonight which I thought was very good.  On the way my car turned over 100,000 miles.

Nicole was cleaning out the closet and found this old school cell phone.  It has a clip so you can attach it to the visor of your car.

I'm still sick.  This is all I could manage today.

Logan's birth week continues.  We had family over to celebrate some more.

I woke up with a bad cold this morning so I haven't done much other than lay around all day.

Today is Logan's 13th birthday.  He got to choose where we had supper and he chose Arthur's Garden Deli.

Tomorrow is Logan's birthday and he got his first present tonight.  A cell phone.

It's still foggy.  At the time I took this I thought the fog looked good.  Seeing it later, the sky just looked like a big mass of whiteness.  I decided to go black and white and darken the sky a bunch.

Its been foggy all day and all night.  We might be in a Stephen King movie.

Only one more month to go.

I photographed my niece Bella's basketball game today.  Sports action is my favorite type of photography and I really should do it more often.

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