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We got some snow today.

This is possibly my least favorite photo I have put up so far but it was getting late and the light of the TV reflecting into my water bottle looked cool as it was happening.  Might have made a better video than a still photo.

I'm still sitting in the chair.
I haven't done a self portrait in a while.  

Back in my chair again

My photos have been unspectacular lately but I did receive a pick-me-up on Instagram from a girl named Jen who goes by the name @partially_sane.  She made a collage of some of my photos and posted it to her feed and wrote this about me:  
"A few weeks back I came across Matt Tucker an incredibly talented IG'er whose feed features some beautiful textures, and landscapes. He has a great sense of color as well as framing I highly recommend checking his work out #randomactsofiglove"

My valentine.  I love her hair, even if she doesn't.

I downloaded an app called PhotoForge2 today because it was on sale for $0.99  I intended to use it to make something cool but I haven't really figured it out.  Instead of something cool, here is a very poor photo of our textured wall taken from the same chair I have been sitting in for the previous four photos.

The last three photos have been taken from the exact same location.  Tonight, I'm watching Ax-Men with my nephew Waylon.

Last night Madison jumped off some bleachers at the Valentine's Day dance and broke her tibia and fibula.  

I certainly have time to do something creative but somehow lack the motivation right now.  Instead of something creative, here is a first person view of me wrapped in "the blanket we all love" watching Inside MMA.
Surgery took place today.  I now have a right ACL that originally belonged to someone else.  I'm not sure who that someone else is but hopefully he was a fast runner.  This is my view as I rode home in the back seat of the car.

I went in for my knee surgery today, but someone forgot to order the replacement ligament.  I'm rescheduled for tomorrow.  Since I'm not laid up in bed I decided to cruise up to Lock and Dam 13 for some more bird photography.

I stood along the shore at Lock and Dam 14 with about 30 other photographers looking for bald eagles but there were none to be found.

I took a drive out to Rockwood State Park looking for something interesting.  I was pretty pleased to get this shot of a cardinal. I was using my car as a photo blind and manual focusing because the auto-focus couldn't make sense of the heavy brush.  

I was down by the boat docks and saw a very large bird in the trees over by what we call the poop dock.  It sure looked like a bald eagle but I couldn't hardly believe there would be eagles around Lake Carlton.  I jumped in the car and drove over there and sure enough, there were two bald eagles in the trees.

Something happened when I passed 265 days.  With only 100 left, a feeling that I'm going to make it came over me and I could coast to the finish line.  The problem with coasting is that it results in crappy pictures.  

A work photo that I liked enough to use for the 365.

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