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Mom wants a snake!

After a rough day moving Kurt and Lana to Iowa City.

I hate it when it gets late and I haven't taken a photo yet.
McDonald's is open in Morrison.
I shaved today.

We went to see Daughtry.  I'm not a big fan of his but it was a fun night out with another couple.
This is a 4 1/2 inch step. I'm pretty shaky when I raise myself up onto it with my bad leg.  I have to be able to do a 6" step in order to stop wearing my brace.


I downloaded a new app called Camera Awesome and in the process of checking it out I accidentally snapped this picture of my legs.  I though it had decent composition for a mis-fire.

More snow

My steri-strips are all gone and the hair is growing back three weeks post surgery.

February 29? This means it's a 366 day photo project.
This big pile of snow just caught my eye.

I'm still trying to figure out PhotoForge2

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