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I ran in the Bix@6 tonight, a practice for the Bix7 coming up July 30.  I wanted to do a running related photo but ended up finding this door and window more interesting.
I going to try to use Skype to practice Spanish.  I thought I should have a friendly-faced photo for the avitar.
After playing with this in photoshop I don't hate it as much as I thought I was going to.
I had so much fun with the bugs yesterday that I thought I would try again in my own back yard.  Didn't have as much variety as I had out at the park but I like this one.  This is a very TINY fly.  I felt lucky to get the shot (in focus) before it flew away.
Sometimes I spend too much time looking at other people's pictures and not enough time taking pictures. This morning I was browsing around when I decided I should be out shooting instead of sitting at the computer.  Thanks to MrsBox and Mantis17 for the inspiration.  Hit the "Read More" for another one.  
Niabi Zoo
Porch portrait.
Inside the Angola plant.
When I was a kid I used to look at water towers when we went on our family vacations and wish we could stop so I could take a picture of them.  That was long before I ever considered taking photography seriously.  Oddly, I've never revisited that and photographed any water towers.  Until today. (Angola, IN)
Angola, Indiana - west of "The Mound"
There's more.........
I'm keeping the two pictures a day thing going another day.  Click the photos to enlarge them and get the full effect.  Also... I will be in Indiana for work the next couple days.  I probably won't be posting until Wednesday or Thursday but I will keep taking the photos.  

I took both of these photos with my Canon PowerShot S90.  I can't believe how good point and shoot cameras have become.  My only complaint is that it doesn't have a very powerful zoom but I guess that's a fair trade off on a camera that can do this kind of macro photography.  

Two again.  Quad City Airshow.

Couldn't decide so I'm going with two photos today.
I drove out to Rockwood Park to find something really good to photograph.  When I got there I realized I didn't have a memory card in my camera so I came home and made a boring arm's length self portrait.  
If he played as much real basketball as he does Wii ball we might have something.
Creeping Charlie.
The last Little League team is done!
Sorry about the graphic nature of today's photo.  :)  This reminds me of a shot I took a couple years ago.  Hit the "Read More" link to see it.
It's a crested gecko.

Random Stick.

This is the kind of photo I have been into lately.  No fancy lighting, no awkward pose, wear what you got on.  In five or ten years this will be a nice record of who she was on June 7, 2011.  I don't do a whole lot of writing on here, it's more about the photos, but I will say today's photo was inspired by Chase Jarvis and Clay Enos.    

Can you see Patrick Star in the tree bark?
This is one of those "snap shots" I refer to in the About Me section.

I should have got something better than this at the birthday party but my battery was going dead and I played it safe and just got the cake and ice cream shot.
I was watching TV and he wanted to play "Punch Out" on the Wii.  I said he could have the TV if I could take his picture first.  Here is the result.
More Little League photos tonight.  The pose on the left is my favorite baseball pose.  It's easy to crop tight and the shirt logo is visible.  Most kids go into the pose on the right and depending on their stance it may or may not look very good.  This guy has a nice stance but some get there arms so high their shoulder blocks their chin and others turn so far that you can read the numbers on their back and can't see their hands.  
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