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Day 51 - 06/20/11

Angola, Indiana - west of "The Mound"
There's more.........

I'm showing this photo so that I can tell a story with it.  I make occasional trips to Angola, IN for work.  Several years ago I went to this theater in Angola to see the one of the Matrix movies.  As I approached the door I was met by a guy who asked if I was here to see the movie.  Odd question considering I was about to open the door to a movie theater, but I answered, "yes" and he said, "Well hang out here, I need eight people in order to show the movie.  I've got two over there and you make three".  We waited and four more showed up making seven.  Reluctantly, he let us in one short.  I'm glad to see that it didn't break the place.  They're still open.

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