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Time to Go Home


Our last hour in the sunshine of St. Maarten before returning to cold and grey Illinois.

As I sit here adding photos (on Sunday) I have been half-listening to an interview with motorsports photographer Darren Heath.  He was just talking about obsessing over your own pictures in ways that other viewers don't.  His example was wishing a certain tree wasn't in the background.  I have that problem with this picture.

I like the image a lot.  I like strong geometric shapes in my pictures and the window frames create three nice rectangles.  The man in silhouette makes this much more interesting than if he wasn't there, but I can't help being bothered by the other silhouette clipping the bottom left corner.  

I could probably fix it with Photoshop but instead I'm going to obsess over the lady who set her luggage down six inches to far to the right.  :)

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