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Day 120 - 08/28/11


I downloaded a photoshop action from a site called deviantart and left a comment which included a link to my blog.  Georgina Illingworth from Leeds, Yorkshire, UK downloaded that same action and followed the link to my blog.  She left a comment on Day 114 with a link to her blog, A Message In A Milk Bottle where I found a link to a site called Lost and Taken which offers free textures.  My desire to use a texture led me to take this photo.  Isn't the internet cool?  

If you're from a country other than the United States I'd love for you to leave a comment and introduce yourself.  Blogger provides some basic stats so I know you're out there.  Today I had a page view from Slovenia.  In the last week I've had seven page views from Belgium,  and I've had a total of 73 page views from Germany since I started the blog. 

Thanks for the comment Georgina and I hope you get your spider problem under control.

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