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I hope everyone saw my post on Monday and visited Pam.  Today I want to invite you to visit Olga.  It's never a surprise if I post a photo of a bird but you never know what you're going to get from Olga.  She always has a camera with her and and gets a great variety of shots.  So follow this link and leave a comment for her.

I'm really hoping to get a shot of a dark eyed junco on my perch but they prefer the ground.  Today I was staring at one, trying to move him up to the perch with my mind when a cardinal landed on the tripod handle that's holding the stick.  He did move out to the perch but the "pose" is better on the tripod handle.

Normally I'm happy to get a house finch because they are a little more colorful than the sparrows but they pale in comparison to the cardinals.

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