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Hipstamatic Oggl and The Mental Side of Running.


Hipstamatic has a new app out called Oggl.  It seems to be there attempt at a social network to compete with Instagram.  One cool feature is that you can apply the lens/film combos AFTER you take the picture.  At the moment there are only a few free combos but it says the ability to import film and lens from Hipstamatic Classic is "coming soon".  

So I downloaded it early in the morning and the only thing I could find to photograph was Logan sleeping.  I didn't expect this to be my photo of the day but I kind of took the rest of the day off (as far as photography goes.)

Later in the morning I ran 8 miles.  I haven't run that far since May 28, 2011.  Ten days short of two years ago.  I'm happy to be going longer distances again but my head is swimming with numbers.  My average pace today was 11:30 per mile.  I was happy with that until I looked up the 2011 run.  I did that at 10:15 pace on the exact same route.  Why such a difference?  Is it because I'm two years older?  Is it because my post knee surgery mechanics are slower, causing me to expend more energy to go the same speed?  Is it because I didn't run at all during January and February this year?  By May of 2011 I had been running non-stop for a year.  This last year has been off and on because of back and shin injuries. Maybe I was just pushing harder back then even on easy runs.  I don't know but I hate the thought of not getting back to where I was.  If all of this has been difficult to follow, imagine being inside my head.  It's even worse. :)

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