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8/23/13 Surgery Day

We left the hotel at 7:00 am.  Logan isn't a big fan of getting poked by needles so Nicole got some numbing gel to put on his hands.  We took care of that in the parking garage before heading in.

Getting a little comfort as we walk across the skybridge from the parking garage to the hospital.

We just arrived and he's not looking thrilled about what is to come.

Still pretty stoic as he's prepped for surgery.

Logan's surgery was a two part deal.  The first part involved placing a tube into the kidney, the second part involved the actual removal of the stones.  We headed to the first of two waiting rooms and it was small and packed.  I discretely snapped the below photo as a memory of the worst waiting room ever. 

The tech came out to see us after the tube was in place and we were told he would be wheeled down the hall to next surgical suit so Mom camped out by the door to get a glimpse of her boy.

It's an odd thing to see your son under anesthesia.

The second waiting room was much larger and less populated but I still decide to take a walk.  From the skyway you can see the construction site for the new children's hospital.

While in the skyway I met up with the rest of the family and led them to the spacious waiting room.

A very relieved mother meeting up with her son in the recovery room.

Big sister helping with the straw.  He was still able to give her the evil eye even though he wasn't totally awake.

Curious George stopped by the room.

By evening he was up and walking around the unit.

Parents are allowed to stay sleep overnight in the room.  It took some shuffling but we managed to set up two fold out bed/chairs in the tiny room.

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