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Old People Music


This is a lame photo because I took it off the TV screen. I'll have to make up for it by writing a little bit.  Tonight I was watching part of Metallica concert on Palladia.  Logan was annoyed with me because he wanted to play his Play Station and I was watching this on the TV it's connected to.  I wondered if he thought it was "appropriate" for a dad to listen to this style of music.  I have to admit if I walked into a nursing home and heard a resident blasting Metallica it would seem odd.  But that's because people of that age didn't grow up with pop culture so our stereo type of them doesn't include any element of pop culture.  I don't think you stop liking Metallica just because you reach a certain age so the stereo type of "old people music" is going to have to change.  If it doesn't, it's going to seem weird when my great-grandkids come to visit and their mom makes me turn down "Enter Sandman".

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