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Madison had to get fingerprinted for her job at the nursing home.  I went with her to the local community college which is about 20 miles away.  When we got there it was discovered that she didn't have the necessary paperwork.  It all worked out after a call back to the home and then a fax to the college.  I wonder how this situation would have been different when I was a kid.  We had phones and fax machines back then but I'm not sure that we generally thought to use technology like that.  In 1987 (when I was 16) we would have first needed to find a phone book to look up the nursing home number.  In this case she used the internet on her smart phone to find the number.  I think the college would have had a fax machine in 1987 but would the nursing home?  Or would we still be standing there waiting for the mail man to bring it?

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