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Building a Spanish Millennium Falcon on Ice Skates


I started my morning by watching Chase Jarvis interview Austin Kleon.  In the interview Austin talked about how small things get big over time.  Snapping two legos together is a small thing but if you add a piece everyday you can build the Millennium Falcon over time.  
It reminded me of another interview I watched recently where Benny Lewis talked to Tim Ferriss about language learning.  Becoming fluent in a second language is a big thing that takes years but you don't have to be fluent in order to get value from a language.  Learning a few basic greetings and how to respond to them is a small thing and easy to do.  Learning to order food in an ethnic restaurant is another small thing that is pretty easy to learn.  Put a bunch of these small things together and you can have a lot of fun with your second language.
Somehow this got me thinking about an article I read on a blog called AJATT about aiming to fail.  "Don't be afraid to fail", isn't anything new or groundbreaking but I like his example.  

He say's "I have friends who won’t go ice-skating with me because they’re afraid of falling. They have fallen 0 times. 0 failures. They have never failed at skating. But they also can’t skate…at all. In fact, I imagine the best skaters have also fallen the most times."

Today, I decided to do something small, that was bound to be a failure in the hopes that it would lead me down the path towards something bigger.  After I took Tuesday's photo of a runner at sunset, I imagined doing a series of landscape photos with runners in them.  Turning those ideas into actual photos seems like a big thing to me.  The first step is finding locations that would look good with a runner in them.  I'm not sure if this one is going to work but at least I started searching.  This photo represents my first lego block, learning to say ¿Cómo estás?, and my first fall on the ice.
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